Automatic Aluminum Punched Shutters

Aluminum Punched Shutters

They are made of aluminum punched double glazed shutters (double layered and single-layered) based on the customer’s order.

This product is usually installed in places in which we can see inside the shop or building (for security sake) or have some light on the other side of the closed door.

Aluminum Punched Shutter

A fully punched electric roller shutter is for a place in which the client needs to have a good sight when the roller shutter is down (closed).

Because these electric shutters are latticed, light and air are exchanged with the outdoors.

One of the applications of a fully punched electric roller shutter is for garage entrance that incoming light makes the garage space brighter. Also, the fume of the car gets out of the garage easily.

نصب درب کرکره اتوماتیک آلومینیوم پانچ دار
درب کرکره اتوماتیک آلومینیوم پانچ دار

Galvanized Fully Punched Electric Roller Shutter

These shutters are different names including “rinsing electric shutter” and “fully punched electric shutter”.

The advantage of this type of roller shutter is its low price so if the price is important for us, this is a good option.

Another advantage of this roller shutter is the higher number of holes on the sheets that provide good sight for the interior space.

If we want a noiseless function for the shutter, we have to facilitate its circulation so we need to add a small lath (cartilage) to the electric shutter.

Automatic Aluminum Punched Shutters Projects