Retractable side curtain

Retractable side curtains are divided into two categories: one-way electric retractable curtain and two-way electric retractable curtain.

Electric retractable side curtain

In this model, a motor and one hanger are used. By pushing the button of remote control, the curtain moves to one side (left or right).

Two-sided electric retractable curtain

In this model, a motor and two hangers are used. By pushing the button of remote control, the curtain moves to one side.

Installing retractable side curtain

Installing retractable side curtain has its features:

The motor of the retractable curtain can be controlled by the mobile phone. This motor opens the horizontal curtain in one direction.

This motor is powerful that can move 12 m width curtain.

There are more features for this curtain: convenient installation, the possibility to mount the motor either on the left or on the right, no noisy motor, using belt for moving the curtain, 9 channel remote for 9 electric curtains, low noise start and stop, setting the speed and sensitivity of the retractable curtain, easy to move in case the electricity is gone, automatic stop, tracking motor movement using automatic movement setting technology and automatic deletion of the path using automatic system.

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Advantages of retractable side curtain

 Advantages of installing electric retractable curtain:

Easy to install, movement by hand reference, designed for moving without noise.

One-way and two-way retractable curtains are made of cloth that has a special feature.

Another advantage of the retractable curtain is a traditional connection and remote control. It also can be used in commercial and office buildings, conference rooms, hotels, residential and internal decoration.

Retractable side curtain Projects