Interior Roll-up Curtain

Automatic curtain railings are devices to move the internal roll-up curtains and they operate with pulling a side string.

In the internal roll-up curtains you can use window light and change the position of the curtain (open or closed). Curtain railing is usually used for pulling the cover of the curtain to use the outdoor light.

Automatic curtain railings have different sizes based on the width of the window.

Automatic curtain railings have different types including electric curtain with two layers of cloth of the same color, different colors and with colored cloth.

Installation of Internal Roll-up Curtains

Features of internal roll-up curtains.

They can function with a remote control

Electric opening and closing regarding the sunrise and sunset

For your convenience or even with an app on your smart phone

Controlling multiple curtains at the same time for larger spaces.

Installation of the internal roll-up curtains in a smart home is easy with different methods. They can be controlled through automatic keys and touch LCD in different command templates, direct automatic, scenario or even through a smartphone and web from long distance.

Installation of the automatic internal roll-up curtains includes roll automatic curtains, side retractable and penumbra.

پرده رولاپ داخلی

External roll-up curtain

In changing and modernizing the façade of the buildings with big windows and glass surfaces to get more light and view, the need for using different types of shades, screens, and automatic curtains or external roll-up is significant.

The advantages of automatic curtains or external roll-up are increasing the lifecycle of furniture, carpets and unique pictures on the walls because they are out of the direct light reach, convenience and possibility to connect to different access and smart controls.

Using automation and planning of curtains vehicle system based on the ideal hours of sunrise and sunset and wind speed, you won’t be worry anymore about the interior view from outside, light condition and apartment plants even when you aren’t at the place.

Connecting the system to a smart system or with a light sensor, you will be able to open or close the curtains any time of the day automatically with specific settings.

People think that automatic curtains or electric external roll-up mean lower drape that can be controlled manually or from the place. While there is no limitation in controlling the curtains even from remotest places of the world because they are connected to the smart system.

پرده اتوماتیک رولاپ

Installation of external roll-up curtain

Installation of the external roll-up curtain with cable curtain mechanism is mostly for external spaces and outside the building façade.

cable curtain mechanism includes an aluminum lath connected to the lower edge of the shade and two ends of the horizontal lath engage with railing-like cables through a delicate and beautiful detail.

The advantage of the installation of the external roll-up curtain is that when the weather is windy, cable railings next to the shade outside the window don’t let it move and make noise.

The external roll-up curtain that is chosen through the smart house system monitor, can open with sunrise and close with sunset.

If there is another curtain in this smart house, it can automatically open by a pre-defined scenario at 9 o’clock and close at noon.

Or whenever the owner of the smart house decides, he or she can open the curtains through central remote control of the smart house.

Installation of industrial roll-up curtain

Industrial roll-ups are mostly installed in production saloons and to separate isolated spaces from each other.

The material of these structures is 300 to 900 g UPVC that depends on the area condition.

Among important parameters to implement such structures is using high speed and quality motors that let the users enter and exit at a minimum time so the climate of the spaces doesn’t change significantly.

In some places, these structures are used for entrance doors of warehouses, industrial factories and manufacturing workshops. We will discuss them in detail in the Speed Shutters section.

 Interior and exterior Roll-up Curtain Projects