Wood Design Roller Shutters

Decorative wood design roller shutters are delivered in a wide variety of patterns including stone design and wood design. To produce them, companies use decorative zinc films that have special static colors with high durability.

Nowadays, static film and zinc technology are used to print durable and scratch-resistant patterns on the aluminum roller shutters. Theses printed patterns and pictures have attracted people so Easyrollup company that is a pioneer in this section of the market, has its specific picture and pattern album.

Installation of Wood Design Roller shutters

Installation of wood design roller shutters is similar to normal aluminum roller shutters and there is no difference in the process. But, because wood design roller shutters are decorative, all accessories, rails, and covers should be the same color as the roller shutter. Secondary covers are for hiding screws, holes and rails to increase the beauty and security of the space.

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The use of Wood Design Roller Sutter

The application of a wood design roller shutter is similar to a normal aluminum roller shutter that is covered by a static color on which the wood patterned film fit by special equipment.

Don’t worry about the wood design film because they are resistant even in the harshest weather, cold, heat, humidity, etc. They are usually used for garages and windows.

Wood Design Roller Shutters Projects