Underground Garage Door

The underground garage door is a kind of automatic garage door that its design is in such a way that the opener of the door is hidden.

An important application of the underground door is under the ground. These automatic doors are stainless and waterproof.

Because the opener of the door is hidden, the beauty of the building façade increases.

The operator of the automatic garage door is resistant against erosion and corrosion. The operator is an electro-mechanic. It is suitable for the hinged door with at last 500 kg panels and 30 times traffic a day. The operator of the automatic hinged door is 24 V.

Installation of Underground Garage Door

This door uses underground hydraulic openers with a wide variety that can automatize any kind of doors without harming the appearance of the building. There is no limitation in the use for such doors.

Advantages of underground garage door:

  • Smart movement with speed variation
  • Setting the opening degree up to 180
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Hydraulic door to prevent movement
  • Lighting synchronization with door movement
  • Reversibility of the opener and neutrality of the hydraulic package

Primary bedding of the system need some construction activities so it can’t be used for all projects.

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The use of Underground Garage Door

This type of opener is used for a door on which garage openers can’t be installed along with each panel.

This system is suitable for residential and office buildings, factories, power-plants, and commercial centers.

Underground garage opener not only can be used on new doors but also conventional doors by installing an arm on each panel and two reflexive lenses.

The warning light is for preventing the door from hitting people or trafficking cars. It also shows whether the door is open or not.

The control center of the system is on the nearest place to the door to receive signals transmitted by the remote control and related items. So it can open and close the garage door automatically.

Underground Garage Door