High-Speed Roller Shutter

High-speed roller shutters are delivered in two models equipped with motors and technology supplied by AFA Flex Germany. Skilled and experienced technicians of Asan Saze assembly and install them.

The security of the system is high because it is equipped with high-security sensors, fully automated control box and control circuits (European standards). This roller shutter stops by sensing even the smallest objects.

Advantages of High-Speed Roller Shutters

This type of roller shutter can be used in different places because it is made of PVC. Another advantage of these doors is that the can open and close hundreds of times in a day without any significant depreciation.

The system has especial boards that are installed on the industrial commuter vehicles so the system can sense the vehicle from a specific distance to facilitate the traffic in the shortest time.

Another advantage of the high-speed roller shutter is the possibility to install access control and boards to provide remote control by operators monitoring traffic cameras.

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Installation of High-Speed Roller Shutter


high-speed roller shutters are suitable for factories, industrial environments, refineries, power plants and special use workshops in which the exchange of air and traffic control is important.

High-speed roller shutter doors are the best option to:

  • prevent energy wastage
  • save cold and heat of the environment
  • reduce the pressure
  • keep dust, dirt, air pollution, and insects from entering inside

the high-speed roller shutter is the best option to save time and to increase the efficacy of the employees. It is also washable and can be isolated in the health environment such as pharmacology companies and food companies.

These doors retract into two modes: roll-up or full-up. This product is to separate internal and external spaces while facilitating easy traffic.

High-Speed Roller Shutter Projects