Automatic Arabic Roller Shutter (Roll Gate)

Roll gate shutter is one of the roller shutters types that is introduced to the market recently. Beauty, anti-theft and light exchange are the main advantages of roll gate shutters.

Heavyweight is a weakness of this door. Due to heavyweight, it is not a common shutter so it is suitable for special places or unique tastes.

Cutting and dismantling roll gate shutter is time-consuming so it is recommended for places in which security is of high priority.

Installation of Arabic Roller Shutter (Roll Gate)

Arabic roller shutter includes iron and steel components that have rotational movement relative to each other.

Noise expected to by high but in reality, it is noiseless. This type of roller lath is not the quietest but its noise is normal.

An automatic Arabic roller shutter (roll gate) is usually used for shops, balconies, and windows. To increase security, it can be installed in front of the apartment unit door as a roller shutter.

The main advantage of this type of door is its ease of use. Using this roller shutter you won’t worry about opening or closing the door.

Arabic roller shutter also reduces access to the locks for the thieves.

درب کرکره اتوماتیک عربی یا رول گیتر
درب کرکره اتوماتیک عربی یا رول گیتر

Structure of roll gate electric shutter

The Arabic roller shutter or roll gate is similar to a polycarbonate transparent roller shutter in terms of structure. The only difference is that pipes of polycarbonate roller shutters are hollow.

In the Arabic roller shutter, there are polished bars inside the horizontal tubes. The interface between two horizontal steel tubes is metal rather than polycarbonate.

This product has a double application: steel guard and roller shutter.

Automatic Arabic Roller Shutter (Roll Gate) Projects