Industrial Roller Shutter Door

It’s been around 2 decades that Asan Saze Company design and installs high-quality industrial roller shutters for large factories, exhibits, private and public organizations.

Industrial roller shutters are different from normal roller shutters due to some unique features.

Motors of industrial roller shutters are the most important component that needs special standards in terms of shaft and axel width.

Most of these motors are side gearbox that Asan Saze company buys them from Marantec, Germany. Marantec motors are the best in terms of quality, efficacy, and power (NM/m2).

The steel shaft and transverse axis of the system are made of special alloy steel with different thicknesses for different width.

End caps and lateral plates that hold the industrial roller shutters are completely produced in Asan Saze factory by experienced design and production experts.

Slats of roller shutters are also really important depending on the width and height of the project.

10 and 14 cm aluminum slats that must be made of alloy 6063 and thickness of hooks and cartilages are significantly important for bearing the weight of the roller shutters.

Installation of complementary sensors and landing sensors as well as creating an emergency control system are other important parameters.

Asan Saze company designs such systems in a way that stops at any point without any touch or pressure on the object.

Installation of Automatic Industrial Roller Shutter

To install large industrial roller shutters, we should consider factors like rails, location of them and holder structure.

Rails must be steel with thickness more than 2 mm; the location of rails in industrial roller shutters is important. Another factor that should be considered is rail guards.

The motor structure, shaft, and slats must be installed with accurate calculations. A technician must check and verify welded joints and bolts in written form.

Warning tags must be installed on the system. Before starting the project, the size and height of the vehicle passing the gate should be determined. And a guard is needed for the roller shutter.

Different factors should be considered if a long lifecycle together with a smooth function is desired.

Industrial Roller Shutter Door Projects