Automatic sectional door

A ceiling roller shutter or so-called “sectional doors” is made of galvanized metal forming roll panels or aluminum panels with 4-5 cm diameter and 50 cm height sections.

It is cut with different sizes for different projects, then using fixings, it is assembled. The main feature of this system is that it moves under the ceiling so it doesn’t need more space like a roll of shutters. When the electricity is gone, you can open and close it manually.

Installation of Sectional Door

An automatic sectional door is delivered in different colors, patterns, and sizes. A standard sectional door is one of the best solutions for places in which height is a barrier to installing normal doors.

Sectional doors use balance springs, so the pressure on the system motor relieves. As a result, unlimited traffic is made possible for the system.

Thus, for places, the need for high traffic doors, a sectional door is the best option because its depreciation rate is significantly low and it doesn’t need periodic services.

Due to the special structure of sectional door panels in which Polyurethane is used as one of the main components inside the panel, this door is suitable for places in which reduction of heat exchange with outside is needed. The sectional door acts as effective heat insulation.

If the customer wants, we can create different shapes – circle, square, etc. – on the panels and put glasses or polycarbonate plexiglass in them (like windows) so the required light will be provided.

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Advantages of Sectional Door

The most important advantage of the sectional door is that it is possible to create another small door inside it so people can move through it easily without opening or closing the whole sectional door.

Make sure that when the small door is open, you don’t use remote control. Before using the remote control, make sure that the small door is closed.

It should be noted that there are sensors on most small doors, meaning that as long as the small door is open, the sectional door doesn’t work.

Due to the importance of automatic doors for residential, commercial and office building garages, when choosing a good door several factors should be considered, for example, ease of use, high quality, and beauty, harmony with the façade of the building. These factors can be found in sectional doors.

Sectional doors are among the newest and the most modern doors that are currently used in the world as well as Iran.

Sectional doors are the best option for automatizing garage doors in terms of beauty, quality and manufacturers’ point of view.

The sectional door uses the optimal space of the garage. In this system, all panels move under the ceiling automatically, so the maximum space that it occupies is 15 cm.

Automatic sectional door Projects