Arm Garage Door with One or Two Operable Panels

System of garage door with two operable panels and an opener

Openers of arm garage doors with two operable panels include a full option with a password, easy setting for consumer, anti-theft code learning remote controls, lateral sensors and flashers.

Openers for Doors with One Operable Panel

Garage doors with one opener and 800-1800 kg power for one-panel garden gates are equipped with a lens, lateral sensors, flasher, full option board, two languages for setting, two speeds for users, lock and password for board setting, high security, anti-theft.

The Function of Arm Garage Doors with One or Two Panel

An automatic garage door includes several types that are named based on the motor type. For example, Roger Motor’s railing garage door uses Roger Motor.

The structure of all automatic doors is the same including a door with comb teeth – an electromechanical motor – remote control, etc.

Among arm garage doors with one or two panels, the electric railing garage door is the most important one. The structure of this door is easy so it provides convenient installation and set-up operation.

Security is of high priority in all types of electric doors. In the railing model, the security of the walls must be taken into account. A review of infrastructure security must be done.

An experienced installation team can secure the resistance of the door against natural and environmental factors.

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Advantage of Arm Garage Door With One or Two Panels

In most new or old buildings with garage entrance, the installed door is typical with low security.

The advantage of arm garage door with one or two panels is its reasonable price with which you can transform a hinged conventional door into an electric garage door. Another advantage is its high security. To install this type of door, you don’t need to change the old door and the frame because changes are made on your conventional door.

Advantage of Arm Garage Door with One or Two Panel

  • No need for new infrastructure
  • Installation of the opener on the conventional door
  • Higher security in comparison with conventional doors
  • Higher durability and power in comparison with similar models
  • Optimal power consumption
  • Reduction of manufacturing, installation, and set-up costs

Arm Garage Door with One or Two Operable Panels Projects