Automatic Side Roller Shutter

It is an unusual roller shutter model that is not common but in some cases due to some limitations, this model is designed and installed.

Slats in this type of roller shutter move vertically inside the upper and lower rails that cost more than normal roll-up shutters due to using the jagged belt and lean gears.

Circular or patterned movement of these doors inside the rails is another advantage. It is possible to install them in curved or circular forms.

A limitation of the system is that it needs a closing space equal to opening space. It means that as it opens on the rail along the entrance, it needs equal space as an alternative.

The automatic side roller shutter can act as standard insulation against different climate conditions. It also makes the minimum noise. While it increases the beauty of the building faced, it prevents dust and dirt from moving inside the building. It opens and closes easily by remote control. These doors are a common method to protect people around the world. They increase the security of your life and workplace. You can open them manually when the electricity is gone.

Installation of Automatic Side Roller Shutter

The installation of this structure needs no special infrastructure. It can be installed on the door that is not directly horizontal.

Sale of Automatic Side Roller Shutter

An automatic side roller shutter is popular because

  • it can be installed on curved and arched doors and windows.
  • It has a wide variety of colors and models
  • It is convenient
  • It is easy to clean

These roller shutters have several applications:

  • Garages
  • Homes and villas windows
  • Separation and limitation of working and industrial spaces such as offices, hair salons, and shops

Automatic Side Roller Shutter Projects