Railing Garage Door

Metal sliding doors

Railing garage doors with 800-2400 kg power are used for industrial doors and factories with entrance width up to 8 meters. They are equipped with a lens, lateral sensors, flasher, full option board, two languages for setting, two speeds for users, lock and password for board setting, high security, anti-theft.

Metal sliding doors

Garage railing doors are used for places in which the hinged door can’t move or due to low longitudinal space after the car enters, the door can’t close. In such cases, experts recommend railing doors. The most important point to consider is that railing doors need enough transverse space.

If none of the abovementioned conditions are present, Asan Saze company recommends folding doors with 4 panels or roll-up.

Installation of Railing Garage Door

To install the railing or sliding garage door that moves to left or right, motors are used.

To purchase and install the motor of the railing garage door we should consider the weight of the door and the traffic during the day. The higher the weight of the door, the more powerful motors are needed. If the traffic is high, hydraulic models are used.

درب پارکینگ ریلی
درب پارکینگ ریلی

The use of Railing Garage Door

The railing garage door is among doors that open and close intelligently. Electric opener or so-called “garage opener” is used in two different modes.

Opener equipped doors (hydraulic, pneumatic, gearbox-equipped) that are among automatic doors open and close using hydraulic and electro-mechanic systems and remote control.

The automatic railing garage door is used to facilitate the traffic and to increase the security of garages. Another form of automatic doors is a sliding glass door that opens and closes automatically using a motion detection sensor in front of the door. Such doors apply to hospitals, shops, banks, etc.

Railing Garage Door Projects