Removable Pool Cover

Pool covers are structures that are installed on the outdoor pools to protect them against dust and dirt, heat energy loss and direct sunlight. Because sunlight contributes to bacteria, fungus, and seaweeds to grow in the water of the pool. This cover also prevents water from the pool to evaporate.

Removable covers were formally introduced in Iran in 2003. In the early years, this product was imported from Germany (not assembled) and due to the high price, it wasn’t popular among Iranians. So, Asan Saze company decided to produce simple samples of the product in semi-circular and telescopic forms. Then, Asan Saze tried to copy the original products to increase the quality. Then, due to economic crises and exchange price instability, Asan Saze tried to expand its activity to produce pool covers inside Iran without importing even a component from other countries. Today, Asan Saze provides customers with this product with a price that is 1/20 of the foreign product.

Removable pool covers turn the outdoor pool into an indoor pool that can be used 12 months of the year.

With this cover, you will have both indoor and outdoor swimming pools at the same time.

The material of the removable pool cover is aluminum and just some internal components such as fixings, internal fixtures, double-wall resistors inside the profiles are made of steel and galvanized sheets.

Transparent coating of the product is made of different polycarbonate sheets that can be used based on the customer’s economic potential.

Here, it is not possible to provide a detailed description of polycarbonate sheets. You can get information from the websites of manufacturers. For example, Golden Yazd Polymer that is an Iranian and high-quality product.

Polycarbonate sheets are used in removable pool covers: flat (solid or transparent), double-glazed or multi-glazed (crystal or acrylic). These models have different designs and colors with different thicknesses between 4 to 10 mm. The color and design depend on the customer’s preference.

Fixed Pool Covers

This type of cover is recommended for residential and private swimming pools.

Outdoor Pool Cover روکش استخر روباز

Using such covers, you can turn off the heating system of the pool. It also prevents dirt and dust from entering the water so you’ll have cleaner water.

Indoor Pool Cover روکش استخر سرپوشیده

It saves a lot of energy by decreasing the water heat and moisture around the pool. Because surface evaporation reduces when the cover is on the pool.

Installation of Fixed Pool Cover

It has several Advantages:

  • Installation of handle and collector of the pool cover with fixed base
  • Reduction of chemical material usage
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Preventing tree branches, leaves, dirt and dust from entering the pool when the weather is windy
  • Keeping the pool water energy
  • Keeping the safety and preventing people from falling in the water
  • Saving the pool water

Fixed and Removable Pool Cover Projects