Folding Glass Door

Folding glass doors are suitable for narrow corridors and spaces. They are famous as “bus doors” because they open and close just like old bus doors.

This folding can be towards the inside or outside of the building. Using an automatic folding glass door provides you with maximum usage of the space. When the door folds towards the wall, 90% space is provided for the entrance.

Installation of Folding Glass Door

There are different modes for these doors: fully open, full closed (locked), half-open, automatic and one-sided movement.

In full open mode, the door detects the motion so it opens or closes the traffic path. The closed or locked mode is used when there is no traffic for a specific period


The half-open mode is the best option to save energy. We can set it in such a way that it opens and closes just half of the entrance using motion or weight detection sensor. So, in this way energy wastage is prevented.

One-sided movement is to control traffic from one side. The entry is only from entrance or exit. The entrance or exit section sensor is deactivated so entry is only possible from one side.

The Function of the Folding Glass Door

Its function is similar to normal sliding systems with several modes:

  • Fully open
  • Half-open
  • Fully locked
  • Automatic

This system can be matched with different security and monitoring systems: traffic control systems, fire alarm system, etc.

Based on the situation, it is possible to use an automatic folding glass door that has one or two panels.

Each panel is divided into two parts in an automatic folding glass door. These two parts are hinged together and then to the wall.

In an automatic folding glass door with two panels, each panel moves to the opposite side so the entrance opens from the center.

 Folding Glass Door Projects