Automatic Garage Roller Shutter Door

Garage Roller Shutters with Foamed Slats (Silent Roller Shutters)

This system is equipped with silent, high traffic motors. The design of the slats is to create minimal noise. Other advantages of such roller shutters are a backup system, barrier sensor, and warning flasher light. Besides, a separate sensor is designed for them that stops the door if there an object under the door (even if the object is lightweight or a piece of cardboard.

Applications: for high traffic places and building garages.

Installation of Automatic Garage Roller Shutter

When installing different types of garage roller shutters, one should consider several points including placement of the shutter roll inside the standard box.

These boxes keep the beauty of the context and cleanness of shutters, reduce the noise of aluminum cartilages of slats when closing and opening.

Another point to consider is the place and shape of the rails in the adjacent walls to prevent any damage if a vehicle hits them.

Another point that one should consider when installing a garage roller shutter is the location of lenses in front of each other and their height from the ground surface. They should be completely sealed. The wiring and wire selection processes are also really important.

Motors play the most important role in this system. Because, if the motor is not selected based on the traffic per hour and peak hours, the traffic will be disrupted. As a result, we will face many problems. Useful height or “upper stop point” of the roller shutter is another important point. If we don’t calculate it carefully, SUV cars or other big vehicles will face problems.

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Automatic Garage Roller Shutter Price

Garage roller shutters should meet some specific standards because the function and usage of these roller shutters are more than shop roller shutters. The motor of such roller shutters should bear this volume of function.

Types of Roller Shutter Lath

Aluminum lath is used for garage roller shutter. The point here is that the alloy of the aluminum lath should be 6063.

Non-standard aluminum lath makes a lot of noise so it is not recommended for the south entrance of the buildings.

To harmonize the roller shutter with the façade of the building, one can use different colors or wooden-like pattern.

If the building is facing south and it needs light, we can use a mixture of the aluminum roller shutter and punched roller shutter or a mixture of the aluminum roller shutter and transparent polycarbonate lath.

Automatic Garage Roller Shutter Door Projects