Pleated Mesh

Pleated mesh has the same application as traditional window mesh with some unique features.  During recent years, several advantages have been created for all building tools. Also, their production technology has changed.

Window mesh has transformed from simple aluminum and cloth mesh into the pleated mesh. Today, it is known as the best kind of window mesh.

The pleated mesh is a good replacement for fixed and hinged meshes. Also, to keep small insects outside, these meshes prevent dust and pollution penetration. they are also sunlight and humidity resistant.

Installation of pleated mesh

These meshes are available in the market with different names such as “Folding Meshes” and “Accordion Meshes”. There are made of polystyrene that is called “Acrylic Mesh”.

Pleated mesh has high flexibility so it opens and closes easily while the fixed ones can be detached just for cleaning.

There are two methods to install the pleated mesh: meshes that are manufactured for small and low altitude windows to be installed horizontally and one-way. And meshes that are manufactured for big windows to be installed horizontally and two-way.

There is no bind or pillar in the middle of two-way meshes. With the presence of stops in the lower and upper rails, they put in the place and keep each other through magnets.

When pleated meshes put in the aluminum frame do not disturb the glasses. So, when you are looking outside, it seems as if there is no mesh on the window.

The installation of a pleated mesh is easy.

توری پلیسه

Advantages of Pleated Mesh

Easy installation, a wide variety of colors, prevention of insects, dust and pollution penetration, possibility of installation on all types of windows and doors, big and customized sizes, horizontal movement, environmental resistant, easy maintenance and repair, retractable, durable, stainless, and it can be cleaned by vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner.

The meshes can be removed easily from the frame and structure and put in the place after being cleaned. They have a protective frame so when you don’t need them, it is better to retract them inside the frame to prevent any damage.

Pleated Mesh Projects