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This system had been popular in the last decade but today it is replaced with a tubular, side-chain or side gearbox-equipped motors (German or Italian) due to easy services. In this system, a shaft and a spring-ring are used. Springs are made in Germany and the rings are equipped with ball bearings. This system could work for decades without any services. Easyrollup company is proud to announce that all similar systems installed during the two last decades are still working without any problem. We didn’t face even a shaft problem during this time.

However, today customers prefer side or tubular systems due to easy maintenance and easy motor substitution. Marantec company, Germany, produced tubular motors with intelligent technology for the first time. The size of the motors was between 5 to 60 N for different electric roll-up curtains.

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Somfy company, France, acquired this technology and promoted it to 100-300 N. so now these motors are used for roller shutters up to 300 kg weight.

A Chinese company copied the technology and as there is no copyright regulation in china, there are different names and brands in the market that are low quality.

Asan Saze company provides its customers with a 5-year replacement warranty to reassure them in terms of support. In this respect, Asan Saze uses the best and the newest technology.

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The electric roller shutter is similar to a normal roller shutter that is motorized. Electric rollers are more expensive than traditional ones. But they have a motor and remote control.

Based on the application, there are different lathes and motors. The price of an electric roller shutter depends on these two factors – lath and motor. But it doesn’t mean that knowing the price of these two items, you can estimate the price of your roller shutter.

The best and most popular roller shutter lathes are aluminum and transparent polycarbonate lathes.


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