Automatic Polycarbonate Roller Shutter

Glass roller shutters – transparent – are made in two flat and tubular models. They are mostly used for garages, behind big windows or inside the commercial centers. One advantage is that when the glass roller shutter is down, you can see inside.

Polycarbonate Transparent Roller Shutter (Glass Roller Shutter)

Polycarbonate transparent roller shutter is the second most popular roller shutter after aluminum roller shutter. It provides a wide variety of installation options including garages, shops, windows, etc.

Some people call them glass roller shutters but they are not made of glass. Their raw material is a solid and durable composite called “Polycarbonate”.

The strength of polycarbonate is so high that even in most severe accidents, it doesn’t crush. The same strength can be seen in polycarbonate roller shutters.

Polycarbonate roller shutter can’t be one-piece transparent isinglass. This roller shutter is made of small polycarbonate components that are placed next to each other similar to bricks of a wall.

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Polycarbonate Lath (Transparent Lath)

These lathes are made of polycarbonate material and most durable polymer. Their mechanical strength is high.

To increase the strength of the lathes, steel or aluminum pipes are used between them to increase the security.

Polycarbonate lathes are anti-UV. In the industrial term, polycarbonate is known as “Plastic Steel”. Because even its thick sheets can’t be broken by a hammer. The transparent roller shutter is also called “Nanocomposite”.

Automatic Polycarbonate Roller Shutter Projects