Vertical Metal Curtain or Louver

Louver or vertical curtain is for directing light, heat and seasonal winds. They are used on the windows of public places or governmental buildings. The more delicate models are used in residential buildings.

They are mostly made of aluminum and a motor system with remote control circuits or other wind and light sensor systems can be attached to the metal fasteners.

This structure can also work as a shield for entrances. When residents are out, this curtain can keep the security while preventing wind and rain from penetrating inside the house. It also contributes to keeping the house clean.

Louvers are made of 5 to 12 cm conic or English Z sections. Their installation is easy without harming the building.

Due to the aerodynamic structure, a vertical metal curtain or louver can control the air and light input. No light can cross it so it is used in some places to set light input.

Installation of vertical metal curtain or louver reduced light sharpness while during day interior space doesn’t get too dark.

The technical nature of louvers is based on sunshine reduction and light reflection on the interior space.

Louvers are made of metal. In some cases, they are made of wood.

Louvers’ lath can be used horizontally or vertically.

Installation of Vertical Metal Curtain or Louver

The advantages of vertical metal curtain or louver installation are the possibility to make the space completely dark, easy installation, reasonable price, convenience and the possibility to have penumbra.

Its advantages have attracted organizations, offices, commercial and service centers.

پرده فلزی عمودی یا لوور

Advantage of Vertical Metal Curtain or Louver

Durable Convenient cleaning and maintenance The possibility to control the light It can be manufactured using different materials including metal and wood. Horizontal and vertical installation A variety of materials, colors, and patterns View control remote control (optional)

Vertical Metal Curtain or Louver Projects