Villa Automatic Roller Shutter

Villa roller shutter and/or window roller shutter

These roller shutters are ordered for villas with big windows. Villa roller shutters are the second most popular rollers after shop roller shutters.

Due to different capabilities, this system is popular for villas and residential buildings rather than metallic guards that disrupt the landscape view of the residents.

Installation of Automatic Villa Roller Shutter

Advantages of the system:

  • Security
  • Preventing the glasses from being dirty (when the weather is rainy)
  • Preventing the dust and dirt from entering the building
  • Maintenance of internal cooling

This system doesn’t hurt the building’s appearance because the roller shutter is hidden inside the building walls. So when the roller shutter is rolled, you won’t notice it.

درب کرکره اتوماتیک ویلایی

Surface roll and above the window

This method is suitable for windows of finished buildings. So the roller shutter is not in front of the window anymore and enough sunlight will be available.

In this locating method:

  • roll of the shutter is mounted 30 cm higher
  • more lathes will be used
  • the final price will be a little higher

Automatic Villa Roller Shutter Price

To install window, balcony and other roller shutters, three factors should be considered:

  • beauty and harmony of the appearance of the roller shutter with the building façade
  • security and anti-theft roller shutter lath
  • insulating property (against light, cold, heat and noise)

Surface roll in front of the window

This model is not recommended because when the roller shutter is rolled, the roll is in front of the window so sunlight decreases. Unless it is mounted above the window together with original covers. So, you won’t see the roll mounted above the window.

Unlike the window, if we want to install the roll on the balcony the direction of the roller shutter must be towards inside of the building. In this way, we need covers to hide the system. Easyrollup company provides such covers to satisfy.

Villa Automatic Roller Shutter Projects