Automatic roll-up mesh

The automatic roll-up mesh is similar to roll-up curtains in terms of structure but there is a difference. It moves inside special rails to prevent insect penetration.

The motor system of this mesh is tubular that is covered by a specific shaft and a beautiful frame.

This structure is mostly used in wide balconies of gardens and villas.

The automatic roll-up mesh is a popular structure for balconies and windows with more than 3 m widths and height.

Roll-up meshes can be controlled by remote control circuits, receiver, wall switches and/or access control smart systems.

The material of roll-up meshes is polyester fibers that are very durable and can be used for many years. Their cleaning is also really easy.

Due to electromagnetic property and electric charge, this product is anti-dust. It also has anti-aging property against heat and cold due to a combination of fiberglass and polyester.a

Installation of automatic roll-up mesh

Fixed aluminum mesh, railing aluminum mesh, and hinged aluminum mesh are among traditional meshes that were used for aluminum or metal windows. They had many problems in terms of beauty and cleaning. They also prevented sunlight penetration.

The roll-up mesh is installed on the upper part of the window frames and when it is open, the appearance of the building or window is not affected. It hides in its frame so it doesn’t get dirty when you don’t use it.

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Automatic roll-up mesh Project