Galvanized anti-ignition roller shutter

Anti-ignition or galvanized roller shutter (punched or simple, flat or curved) are other names of this product in the market.

This group of roller shutters is popular due to high security and safety, and in the punched model, view of the interior space. Security and police organizations have certified these products.

Anti-ignition and high security are the main advantages of the galvanized single-glazed roller shutters (flat, curved or punched).

There are 4 different designs with different thicknesses and standards for galvanized anti-ignition roller shutters (flat, curved and punched).


Painting is an option for the customer. Static and furnace powder coating colors are used to paint these roller shutters so they are significantly durable.

It is possible to use side or central motors can be used. All control systems and lateral circuits are installed on the control box boards.

Because of high security and safety, these roller shutters are popular among banks, jewelry stores, and antique stores.

The punched model provides a good view of the inside so other businesses such as car shops, furniture stores, home appliance stores and sporting goods stores like it.

درب کرکره اتوماتیک ضد حریق گالوانیزه
Galvanized anti-ignition roller shutter

Technical Features of Anti-Ignition Roller Shutter:

Type of the door: single-glazed

Application: industrial, commercial and residential

The material of lower rail: galvanized steel

The material of guide rail: galvanized steel

Command system: push-button; remote control; photocell; magnetic ring; manual handle; RADAR sensor; rope switch

Type of the motor: Tubular – side gearbox (French Somfy), Sidechain (Alocell company of Turkey)

Final color cover: powder – electrostatic

Cover: trapezoid on the back and colored galvanized.

RAL group of colors: white, beige, blue, red or orange.

5 years guarantee and up to 10 years after-sale services for motor

Different biometric sensors can be installed

Connection to building management systems

Connection to fire extinguisher system and flasher light

Product description

Anti-ignition roller shutters (series FG) are kind of roller shutters resistant against fire that in emergencies send a signal to the fire extinguisher system.

These three categories for such roller shutters in terms of fire resistance:

Galvanized anti-ignition roller shutter Projects