Tensile Canopy

Tensile canopy is always fixed so the fabric is usually water-proof and resistant against rain and sunlight.

Beside the unique beauty, tensile canopies are always fixed. Due to forms and designs unique to any environment, these canopies are really beautiful.

The material of tensile canopy is Nano and water-proof so no dirt and water penetrate it. It also reflects UV rays. Clothes used for these structures are made by Mohler (Germany) and/or Ferrari (France). They weigh 900 g per 1 m2. due to high tensile resistance, we can construct these structures in big sizes.

Due to the features of these clothes, the temperature difference under the canopies and open space is tangible. Also, due to the presence of the cover on the cloth, it is easy to clean them.

Cloth structures are good options for open space canopies due to lightweight and quick installation in small dimensions.

Installation of tensile canopy

We recommend shade and tent form for large dimensions, and for small dimensions, we recommend shade and kite form. Installing cloth structures in small dimensions is easy and quick especially for private places and houses on the pools. Thus, there is no specific requirement. Addition to completed projects is an advantage of tensile structures.

Bear in mind that in large and wide structures, the installation environment should have a strong and durable structure for tensile canopies. So the process needs design and calculation.

An important point to consider is the foundation of the tensile canopy bases that must be constructed based on a plan that is drawn by Asan Saze engineering team.

This structure is equipped with towing tapes all around the area. There are also fixings made of double-sheet stainless steel bolted to the main structure.

Due to the specific fabric of the cloth that is used in tensile canopies, the natural light is enough under the canopies and for the night you can light them.

Advantages of Tensile Canopies

  • the bright atmosphere under the canopy
  • Resistance against dust and dirt
  • Temperature control under the structure due to the cloth properties
  • UV protection
  • Easy cleaning due to cloth properties
  • Lighting at night
  • Quick and easy installation with minimal destruction

Tensile Canopy Projects