Automatic Shop Arm Canopy

Besides inherent features of a canopy such as protection against sunlight, snow, and rain, shop canopies can be used for advertisement.

This canopy is attached to the wall as a second cover. The material that Asan Saze uses to produce these canopies is 300 to 900 g UPC combined with acrylic fibers that are durable and suitable for printing advertisement designs and patterns.

The design department of Asan Saze provides the customers with the most interesting designs and texts. So Asan Saze has cooperated with many food and cosmetic companies.

Installation of Shop Arm Canopies

Due to the climate condition of different regions of Iran and neighboring countries, these shop canopies have attracted many people. Asan Saze produces canopies with a metal structure and standard thickness. All other accessories are made of aluminum (alloy 6063).

When choosing the canopy, the climate condition and precipitation should be considered. When you are out of the town for a long time, close the canopy. Asan Saze provides wind and sunlight sensors to automatize the canopies.

Shop canopy can be installed above shop fronts, windows or under the advertisement boards. Fixing and bases are multi-purpose so you can install them on the wall or metal structure (bolts or welding).

The width of the shop arm canopy depends on the application and the area to cover. In business applications, information including the type of business, address, and phone number is printed or painted.

In addition to shade, shop arm canopy acts as a billboard and prevents light winds. It also protects against rain and snow.

سایبان بازویی فروشگاهی
سایبان بازویی فروشگاهی

The use of Shop Arm Canopy

 The width and length of the shop canopy are 3-7 m and 2.5-3 m, respectively. It is resistant against wind, rain, snow, and sunlight. Other advantages are flexibility, lightweight, resistance against heat. Lighting can be used on them.

Using cloth covers in arm canopies has its advantages: high lifecycle, flexibility, variety of colors and patterns, convenient maintenance, quick production and installation, beauty and low price.

Applications of arm canopies: in open space, in general places, seasonal and permanent warehouses, tourist attractions, restaurants, gas stations, sports facilities, reception salons, homes and villas, temporary and permanent exhibitions, religious places.

Automatic Residential Arm Canopy

The use of Residential Arm Canopy

Canopies have long been used in gardens and villas. Today, technologies including motors, automation, smart systems, access control, wind and sunshine sensors help us to make the best use of canopies.

Nano-technology and tarpaulin cloth with different colors and designs are the most important factor that increases the attractiveness of the gardens and villas.

In cases that building has a traditional and nostalgic appearance, we can combine tradition and modernity to create an ideal space.

With residential arm canopy, you can the decoration of your house. Another reason to install canopy is to protect furniture against sunlight. The shade created by the canopy is the most important advantage.

Another advantage is ease of use. Using arm canopy, you can save energy too.

An important point to consider when making these types of canopies is using original components and a suitable electric motor to increase the lifecycle of the canopy.

The tubular motor has different types that depend on demand and climate conditions. The fabric should be considered carefully.

Installation of Residential Arm Canopy

Residential arm canopy is usually used on the small windows, balconies and living rooms to create a fun atmosphere.

There is another model of canopy called “carriage canopy” that is good for wet and dry regions.

There are different forms of the canopies: electrical, spring, joint, automatic and folding canopies.

The most popular model is arm canopy because of modern accessories and beautiful appearance that covers a bigger area than the carriage canopy. It moves from 2.5 to 3 m forward.

The slope of the arm canopy can be set up to 50 degrees.

Automatic Shop and Residential Arm Canopy Projects