Classic Chain Awning

Classic canopies are usually made of patterned tarpaulin that is high quality. In this type of awning, the quality of arms and cartilages are higher. And in the tensile structure, there are chains and springs. So, a larger area can be covered. Classic canopies can be equipped with boxes due to higher strength.

A classic chain awning is a good option for advertisers. When it is close, the occupied space is insignificant.

Installation of Classic Awning

Awnings are made of different materials to let you use green space of the house in different climate conditions, for example, rain, snow, and severe sunlight.

In general, there are two types of awnings: fixed and portable. Fixed ones are installed on wooden or metallic frames.

The function of Classic Awning

Manual and automatic classic awnings are resistant against wind and rain. They have mechanical and cloth components that make them suitable for shops, buildings, entertainment centers, hotels, restaurants, and open spaces.

Advantages of classic awnings:

  1. Firm and durable
  2. Ideal for windows and doors
  3. Complete protection against different climate conditions

Classic Chain Awning Projects