Zebra Curtain

Zebra curtain is one of the newest and bestselling fantasy curtains. It is made of cloth that is woven in the form of equal and parallel stripes with the highest elegance.

Zebra curtain is produced in the double form that creates the possibility to have penumbra manually.

The variety of Zebra curtain is high that goes with any design. Light setting is easy so it is very popular among households.

Installation of Zebra curtain

Zebra curtain installation is similar to shutter but its fabric is cloth. so it doesn’t have the weaknesses of shutters, has higher flexibility and lifecycle.

It is a double-layer curtain that is set by a rope or electronically. Electric ones have special motors with remote control.

Using Zebra curtain is easy. You can have natural light whenever you want while stopping the light from entering the house.

Zebra curtain lets you set incoming light. Its design is modern with a variety of patterns and designs.

A zebra curtain is suitable for any space. You can also order it with your favorite picture and pattern. It also can be customized.

پرده زبرا

Pleated curtains

A pleated curtain is a new form of decorative curtain that has different types: chain manual, day and night.

The manual pleated curtain that is also known as “window curtain” has a handle through which the curtain moves up and down.

UPVC double glazed windows are popular today because they have nice frames and maybe you don’t want to cover them.

This curtain only covers the glasses and lets you set your ideal light. Another advantage of the pleated curtain is the possibility to open and close the window without moving the curtain up or down.

If the frame of the window is tangent to the ceiling and there is no enough space to install shutter curtains, the manual pleated curtain is the best option.

Installation of pleated Curtain

Chain manual pleated curtain is installed on the wall or ceiling that controlled by the chain on the left side or right side of the curtain.

In some cases, people want a one-piece and big pleated curtain that covers the whole window. So the pleated curtain is a good choice.

The day and night form of the pleated curtain is decorative that has two types: lace and cloth curtain.

The lace part is used for day to have the maximum light and the cloth part is for the night to prevent a view from outside.

Installing a pleated curtain has several advantages:

Being washable, variety in color and pattern, reasonable price in comparison with other curtains, easy installation, and fixtures inside the window frame.

Zebra and Pleated curtain Projects