Sliding door with one operable panel

Glass sliding door with one operable panel is one of the most popular linear automatic doors. It can be used in any place with enough longitudinal space.

Glass automatic sliding door automatizes the entrance. Different options can be delivered with a glass sliding door:

anti-ignition and anti-fume doors

Escape and rescue doors

Security door with specified resistance (WK2 + WK3)

Stainless and waterproof doors

Airlock doors

Full glass doors

The function of sliding doors with one operable panel

In the standard form of such doors, there are 2 fixed and 2 movable doors. The movable doors open and close on a linear path.

In the telescopic sliding model, there are 4 operable panels and 2 fixed ones. There 2 operable panels on each side of the door that slide and place on the fixed panel. So the automatic glass door of the telescopic flat model provides 20 percent more width compared with the normal model.

The main components of automatic glass door operators are an electric motor, control circuit, and stabilizer, electric lock, power supply, backup battery (RADAR with energy-saving property), platform and cover, motion detection sensor, hanger, power transmission belt, digital keypad with display and automatic troubleshooter.

The function of the automatic glass door is as follows: first, 220 v electricity goes through the power supply then changes into 24 v electricity for motor feed and control center. The control circuit controls motor function and electric lock based on the data received from RADARs and other security sensors.

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Two-sided sliding door

Two-sided sliding door function

The function of the automatic glass door is as follows: first, 220 v electricity goes through the power supply then changes into 24 v electricity for motor feed and control center. The control circuit controls motor function and electric lock based on the data received from RADARs and other security sensors.

If RADAR detects a person, the control circuit commands the motor to move and the power created by the motor transmits to hangers through power transmission belts. Hangers that suspend the operable panels of the door are placed on the sliding rails thus the door opens. All the mentioned equipment is inside the automatic door platform. There is an aluminum cover on it.

Most important factors affecting the lifecycle of glass doors operator: type of electric motor, production quality, hangers’ wheels, the material of power transmission belts and control circuit resistance against electrical oscillations.

Installation of two-sided sliding door

The two-sided sliding door is installed to meet to goals: first, management and reduction of energy consumption and set the ambient temperature. Second, traffic management and control.

One of the most important issues about installing two-sided sliding doors is their frame system that must be aluminum (alloy 6063). It also must be able to hold the weight of the glasses. The next issue is the frames of glasses. The frames also must be aluminum (alloy 6063) because durability, strength, color maintenance and anodizing capability (plating) of these frames are important.

Frames are sealed by high elasticity rubbers and hair strips so they can isolate the environment and prevent dust and pollution penetration.

In this type of door, the size of the door opening is your entrance space. The frames are narrow or thick and it is the glass door that is placed on the rail. It can also be prepared without a frame that is called “frameless”.

Automatic curved glass door

An automatic curved glass door (circular or semicircular) can provide a beautiful atmosphere for your desired space.

Using an automatic curved glass door in places with curved architecture is interesting.

The automatic curved (semicircular) door is designed for places that have semicircular or arched façade and architecture.

Arc of the automatic curved door depends on the customer’s preference and the place. Semicircular doors have a wide variety of patterns and designs.

Because of complex design, the price of automatic curved doors is significantly higher than the normal automatic sliding door.

Price of automatic curved glass doors

Different factors affect the price of the automatic curved price that one of them is the security glass mounted on the door.

Due to the appearance of mounted glasses (curved shape), the price is higher. The type of fittings and motor also affect the price.

Installation of automatic curved glass doors costs a lot but it has a significant effect on the beauty of the space.

Automatic curved doors are among the most beautiful automatic doors and create a unique appearance for the building.

Automatic curved doors are important for hotels and large places in which heat exchange is important.

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Telescopic sliding doors with 4 operable panels

Automatic telescopic doors are a kind of automatic door in which operable panels (electric operable panels) move to one side rather than two sides.

In this model, both operable panels of the automatic doors are movable and electric movable panels move on each other in such a way that the second operable panel moves with ½ speed of the first operable panel to create a harmony in moving toward the wall.

Automatic telescopic doors are recommended for places with a narrow width of the entrance because open 2/3 more than normal sliding doors.

While electric sliding doors provide you with ½ opening width. Automatic telescopic glass doors are the second most popular automatic doors after automatic sliding doors.

Installation of telescopic sliding doors with 4 operable panels

Installation of Telescopic sliding doors with 4 operable panels is similar to automatic sliding doors except that its opening and its prices are 33% and 30% higher, respectively.

Automatic telescopic doors are good for places in which traffic is high or a lot of people should go through the opening in a short period. They are also suitable for a place in which wide things may go through the entrance.

Automatic telescopic doors with 4 operable panels are delivered in two models that depend on the width of the installation place: 6 panels (2 fixed and 4 operable panels) and 3 panels (1 fixed and 2 operable panels).

One-sided telescopic sliding door with 2 operable panels

The telescopic sliding door opens and closes linearly. Its main difference with the two-side models is the mode of opening and closing.

In one-sided telescopic sliding doors with 2 operable panels, the system provides the customer with more opening space because operable panels place on the last panel (the fixed one).

The function of this system is similar to normal automatic sliding doors but to provide more opening space in the entrance of the building, two operable panels place on one fixed panel or one the wall.

A door that opens from one side (left to right or vice versa) towards the fixed panel is called “one-sided door”. One-sided telescopic door indicates the limited space.

Opening from one side towards the fixed panel is one of the modes that can be selected based on the situation.

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Automatic sliding glass door Projects