Fixed Parking Canopy

Fixed Parking canopies are for car garages in bus stations, big and small office garages, villas, gardens and houses with yards. In tropical regions, this structure is used as a passenger corridor for pedestrians.

This canopy is a kind of roof for cars parked in the area. It lets you leave your car with peace of mind.

Parking canopies are in two models: fixed and portable. As a parking canopy is always exposed to sunlight, snow, rain and heavy and light winds, choosing the structure and roof fabric is important.

Construction of the Fixed Parking Canopy

Construction of fixed Parking canopy has three stages:

  • Construction of canopy structure
  • Roof cover selection
  • Installation of the roof cover on the structure

The strength of the structure depends on the mainframe and foundation. But we shouldn’t neglect the roof cover fabric of the car parking canopy.

Never use low-quality covers to save money because the roof of the parking canopy is in the yard or open space.

UV rays and temperature changes can damage the roof of the canopy. To increase the service life of the structure, use high-quality material.

Features of Fixed Parking Canopy

The area decoration should be given equal importance to interior design. The costs of area maintenance, irrigation, planting, and landscaping are high. Thus, pergolas, yard canopies, and parking roofs play important roles. Using low-quality material, non-standard designs and low-quality roof cover wastes your money.

Fixed Parking Canopy Projects