Design on the glass

Vitrail is the art of painting and designing on the glass that is related to Cubans who inherited it from the Spanish.

They used Vitrail and designing on the glass to create stained windows. These windows were common in churches. They refer to transparency and the multiplicity of opinions.

Today, this beautiful art has gained worldwide popularity beyond traditional windows.

The use of Design on the Glass

it seems that the design on the glass is a modern art but it’s been centuries that people from different countries follow it.

There are glasses made by famous artists in the museums that show the beauty of this art.

Designing on the glass refers to painting on the glass. The glass is sometimes flat that turns into a beautiful picture.

Designing on the glass is a decorative art with which we can paint amazing pictures and turn the glass into a piece of art.

Stages of design on the glass

Whether you are looking for a special design or pattern or if you want to create a unique context, you should think carefully before acting.

Initially and before choosing the design, you must think of the decoration of the considered room and choose an option that matches completely.

First, you must determine the color. For example, if you use acrylic color, the glass will be opaque so light can’t pass through.

If you use a resin-based color, you’ll have a transparent glass with dynamic colors. So you should choose a color that fits your goal.

Design on the glass Projects