Pergola is a half-open space that is usually used for relaxation and recreation in open space. Pergola is a customized framed structure in open space that is built of wood or metal.

As we need a space to relax and enjoy outdoors, we usually use a roof to have shades while enjoying the view.

Pergolas usually have a specific design or they are pre-built. Tailoring the design to the area of interest is more desirable and preferred.

The structure of pergola contains beams to hold the flat or arched roof. It also can hold plants growing over them.

Building pergolas

Designing and building of pergola are done with features such as heat and cold insulation, beauty and compatibility with any architecture, anti-ignition, no need to paint and maintenance, with strength and security against a disruptive view.

In some cases, pergolas are made of metal or UPVC frames with a glass roof and double glazed window. They can be used in balconies and patios as well.

Pergolas are built as room, café shop, greenhouses, etc. in some cases we can isolate the interior of the pergola from outdoor. While we preserve the outdoor view and space.

Colors and the location of pergolas depend on the customer’s personal preference there is a wide variety of options.

Feature of glass pergola

  • The lightweight of the profile
  • Cold and heat insulation (using double glazed window)
  • Anti-ignition (metal pergolas with wooden-like appearance)
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Windproof
  • Resistant to snow, rain and heavy wind
  • Application of industrial double glazed windows
  • Different colors based on customer’s interest
  • Different forms for window openings

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