Spider Fin Glass Facade

Weight in spider sin glass facade transmits through a lath or a double or triple-glazed glass beam made of laminated security glass.

Spider façade is amazingly delicate, beautiful and transparent. A variety of fixings and materials (glass and steel) lets the designer create any form he or she wishes on the glass façade.

Installation of Spider Fin Glass Facade

 Using glass beams to hold other glasses is of the unique methods to create transparent facades. Fin glass walls are among the most popular options for this system.

It is possible to make fully glass walls without any metallic structure using the fin glass façade.

The holder structure is this method is glass rather than metal. So, a glass lath with two or three layers of laminate is placed perpendicularly to the back of the facade.

Spider fixings are used for installing fin glass facades. Accessories can be installed on the metallic or fin glass frames. Tension bars are used to pull these accessories.

Advantages of Spider Fin Glass Facade

Engineers and architectures designed this system to achieve the highest transparency. This system was banned by construction organizations.

So engineers designed the spider system to solve the assembly problem. To reduce the sharpness of the glass edge in the facade, one or two arms can be used as accessories. For special cases, the number of arms can be more than 2.

The thickness of the glass depends on the project. So before starting the project, a study should be conducted.

Spider Fin Glass Facade Projects