Folding Glass of Balcony

Balcony glass or folding glass of balcony is a product to cover wide spaces on the residential and office building balconies and in some cases, to cover around the swimming pools. These covers protect you against sudden rain (when you are sitting on the balcony), heavy winds (that do not let you enjoy the view) and seasonal dust and dirt.

Decades ago, this product was invented in Turkey. Unfortunately, the initial models of these folding glasses didn’t have good quality in terms of pulleys and wheel on the railings (upper and lower), while the upper and the lower railings that are the most important components of folding glass of balcony, didn’t have modern sections and calculations. Guide fittings and lids had a non-standard function. After around 20 years, this product is delivered in Iran with the highest quality. There are different types of folding glasses. A short description of them is provided as follows.

In summary, a folding glass of balcony is comprised of two horizontal aluminum profile mounted on the ceiling and fence structure. Then the glass panels connect to the profiles.

In this mode, safety glass is used on the aluminum profile. This product with 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm thicknesses is installed on the slides.

The lock is mounted on the first glass frame to open and close. It is resistant to wind and its effects.

Glass balconies systems function with moving of the glass on the aluminum rails. All windows retract on one side of the balcony.

Installation of Folding Glass on the Balcony

Installing folding glasses depends on usage and location. There are different structures including balcony glasses, classic shop showcase and butterfly shop showcase. Butterfly shop showcase is delivered in two types that the main difference is in the structure and retracting mode.

For the two first models, the structure should be metallic (both up and down) where glasses are installed. The important point is that all components should be balanced. This lets the glasses open and closes without any vibration.

In the butterfly model, because glasses need rail fixings and wheels on the upper part and on the lower part they need a glass frame and lever lock, the structure must be a metallic profile on the width of the upper part. Rails and wheels in this model are different from the two first models and the frame of the glasses is 8 cm rather than 4 cm. the lower rail is removed from this model so it doesn’t occupy any space on the lower part which is an advantage.

In the butterfly model that is common for multi-purpose restaurants, we can divide the space into different parts. Each part has its own service space. In cases that the whole area is needed, glasses can be folded on one side. Glass balconies are transparent and don’t affect the façade of the building.

Due to changes resulted from the installation of folding glasses, rain, snow, and other factors cannot affect balconies. At the same time, glass balconies can act as insulation against noise, dust, insects, animals, and other environmental effects.

Installation of folding glass is easy and if the primary metallic structure is ready, it can be installed in the shortest time.

All fixings of the product are made of high quality and durable aluminum or ABS.

Folding Glass of Balcony
شیشه تاشو بالکن (جام بالکن)
Folding Glass of Balcony

Advantages of Folding Glass of the Balcony

Today, installing glasses on the balcony is popular. Vertical glass panels form the main body of the glass balcony that provides you with a view in different weather conditions.

An advantage of the glass balcony is that each panel can be used separated from other panels. Another advantage is easy cleaning and maintenance.

Glasses are secure and durable. These glasses undergo high temperatures and low-temperature shocks so their durability is high. They are suitable for balconies.

Another similar product is a shower cabin that we will describe in short.

Folding Glass of Balcony Projects