PVC pool cover

PVC pool cover (pvc) or PVC shutter is one of the latest products of Asan Sazeh Group to cover the water surface of pools or to prevent the penetration of light and heat into the water.

In addition, PVC shutters are used in front of windows and gazebos and terraces for the same purpose.

The structure of the PVC shutter is made of 10 cm PVC cartilage slats, which are placed inside each other in the form of 10 cm PVC sheets in a sliding form, and they have the ability to move up to 270 degrees relative to each other.

PVC shutter covers are fixed on both sides of the PVC shutter slat sheets using caps or special caps and a type of adhesive material for sealing, and it prevents water from penetrating into the double-walled space between the sheets.

The PVC rolling shutter has high resistance (up to 60 kg weight) on water.

Application of pool shutters

The pool shutter cover, Asan Sazeh company, has many uses, including protecting children from falling into the water, preventing garbage and dust from entering the pool, and preventing sunlight from penetrating the inner walls of the pool and thus preventing the growth of bacteria. And mushrooms and mosses are inside the pool.

The shutter pool cover is made of the best PVC materials and is very resistant to cold and heat.

The surface of the rollside PVC shutter does not get flooded in any way during rain or precipitation, and according to the physical structure of the PVC shutter, the water is drained from the grooves on both sides and the excess water volume is discharged through the outlets of the pool. goes out or circulates.

The motor of the shutter pool cover is of the original type with a tubular mechanism and a power of 140 newtons per square meter, and its power source is 24 V DC electricity, which is supplied from an emergency power center (UPS) and 10 to 30 times during a power outage ( Depending on the length and width of the pool cover, it can be opened and closed according to the size of the pool.

روکش استخر کرکره ای
روکش استخر کرکره ای

The price of PVC pool covers

The price of PVC pool covers is per square meter according to its structure and in addition to many factors and variables including: accessories such as shaft, end cap, bearing, motor with the required power and covers and accessories. It is like this. Therefore, in order to get information about the price and how to order this product, contact Asan Sazeh experts.
The construction and implementation of these types of structures, according to the construction model and execution method, requires high precision and expert manpower.

Asan Sazeh Industrial Group is the producer and implementer of this type of swimming pool cover and has the honor of being the creator and innovator of new designs in the field of aluminum, steel and PVC roll-up shutters in its 23 years of proud activity.

By implementing more than 20,000 projects in all parts of Iran and Middle East countries, Asan Sazeh has presented an acceptable resume in this field.

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PVC Pool cover